Revista Ştiinţifica "V. Adamachi"
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Facultatea de Fizică
Facultatea de Fizică
Universitatea "Al.I.Cuza" Iaşi
Autori: Neculai Ştefan, Gâza Bogdan, Cătălin Angheluţă
Afiliere: Colegiul National “Gh.R.Codreanu”, str. Nicolae Balcescu, nr.1, Bârlad, jud Vaslui
Abstract: The bell is more complex acoustically than any other vibrating body intended for musical purposes, and its manufacture presents a formidable challenge. Our projects presents how this important, but rudimentary object, works. Using ordinary objects from a simple physics laboratory we managed to record this sound that everybody knows very well. We used a computer to record the sound produced by a bell. As simple as this may sound, a bell makes is a formidable challenge, in terms of computer science. Even so, the bell amazes with the simplicity of construction and the complexity of the physical phenomenon.
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Revista V. Adamachi